Liquor Licenses for Stores & Restaurants

Farrell & Grochowski works with individuals who require assistance with a variety of liquor issues including obtaining licenses, buying and selling liquor stores, and other licenses premises including restaurants.

The Liquor Control Commission

In Connecticut the Department of Consumer Protection liquor control division regulates the sale of liquor, the licensing of establishments that sell liquor, and the enforcement of liquor laws. The division regulates all persons and firms involved in the distribution, sale, and dispensing of alcoholic liquor in order to prevent the sale to minors and intoxicated persons, to guarantee product integrity and ensure that licensed premises are safe and sanitary.

The following types of businesses are regulated by the Liquor Division:

  • package stores
  • restaurants holding liquor licenses
  • grocery stores with beer permits
  • wine distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers
  • caterers who serve liquor
  • private clubs who serve liquor
Wallingford CT Liquor License

Zoning Regulations

In addition to the state liquor regulations, each town has zoning regulations that control such things as how close together licensed premises can be, where they can be located, and whether an established premise can be moved to another location in town. Guiding a person through the start up of a licensed premise or the purchase of an existing one, requires a knowledge of town zoning and health laws.

Federal Permits

In addition to state permits, some aspects of the liquor industry such as wholesaling and distribution require a federal permit from the Department of Alcohol and Tobacco.