Our New Commercial
September 14, 2017

Like many other people, Covid took our firm by surprise, but that was soon replaced by a desire to find a way to help our community during these unprecedented times. Our firm volunteers at the Wallingford Senior Center, helping our seniors with legal questions. Not wanting this opportunity to end, we have changed this to a virtual event and meet with the participants on the phone and over facetime. Due to the governors executive order, we can execute wills both in person and virtually. We continue to meet with our clients in the office, but if circumstances or preferences require we can drop documents to homes, hospitals and nursing homes and execute them over facetime or zoom. The children of our attorneys found themselves home from college virtual learning and were soon sewing masks and delivering food to people who could not get out. We continue to serve as conservators and power of attorney for members of the Community and are working hard to ensure their safety both in nursing homes and at home. Recently we became aware the our clients who are eligible for the vaccine were having trouble signing up and we took to our computers to set up appointments for them. Times have changed, but our commitment to the older members of our local area remains the same.