Divorce, Custody, and Mediation

Divorce and custody disputes can cause tremendous stress in your life. Let us guide you through the process.

Going through a divorce or custody fight can be one of the most difficult times in your life. We pride ourselves on getting the best possible results while also trying to keep your family from suffering undue emotional upset in the process, especially if you have children.

As your divorce attorney, we will help protect your financial interests as well as your relationship with your children. Going from being a couple to two individuals involves dividing assets and debts. If there is a big difference in income, this may also involve alimony. Child support can be an issue if you have children. Dividing assets, including retirement accounts, bank accounts and real estate are all part of the process. In today's economy, you may be dealing with debt issues as well as a home that is heading for foreclosure. We can help you figure out the best solution, whether you have assets or debt to split up.

"Custody" is more than where your children live; its also involves who gets to decide where the children attend school, their religion, and the extent of their extracurricular activities. These are critical issues and we will make sure you rights as a parent are protected.

In addition to courtroom avocation, our firm is also available to act as a mediator in helping couples resolve their issues in a non-adversarial setting. Through the mediation process, we can help you reach an agreement that is in your best interests as well as your children's best interests. We prepare all necessary paperwork as well as accompany you to court on the date of your divorce.

Please contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation. Please be advised if you would like us to mediate your divorce, we must meet with you and your spouse together for the first visit.