Elder Law

As our population ages, issues relating to asset preservation and long term care have come to the forefront. You may be facing these issues yourself or as a result of caring for a spouse or parent.

As we get older, we have different, more specialized needs than those of younger people. The attorneys at Farrell & Grochowski understand this; we can handle the sensitive emotional and physical challenges that the elderly or disabled and their families may face. We can help you with everything from day-to day issues that affect the care of the individual to financial planning and appointment of conservators.

At Farrell & Grochowski, two of our attorneys, Ann Farrell and Christine Grochowski have legal masters degrees in elder law and estate planning. In other words, they completed an extra year of law school studying solely elder law and estate planning. We are well versed in disability issues such as appointment of conservators, powers of attorney and health care agents.

In addition, we provide support dealing with applying for medicaid and home care programs. Maximizing the assets you can save is a priority. Many nursing homes may offer to apply for these services for you "for free." The nursing homes interests are not the same as yours. It is important to have an attorney fighting for your rights. We know that, often, it is very stressful dealing with a spouse or parent who is failing and in need of help. We are here to help you at every step of the way.

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Two years ago, my father was gravely ill, looking at a nursing home, my mom was so worried that the state would kick her out of her home. I knew that Ann Farrell had a great reputation in eldercare law so I brought my mom to see her. Within 30 minutes of our visit, Ann's knowledge and professionalism shown through and she set my mother's mind at ease. She discussed all of the laws regarding nursing homes and gave my mother a budget to show her she would not lose her house. My mother loved her. I would recommend Ann to anyone looking for a knowledgable, professional, and competent attorney at reasonable rates.

Christi R. P.